Kailyn Lowry's Intimate Picture With Javi Is a Big Overshare

Kailyn Lowry Kailyn Lowry certainly deserves some pampering. No one is arguing with that. I mean, maybe if I had a few drinks in me, I'd fight that statement. While drinking I've also been known to argue that the sky is not blue and also that people do not need oxygen to breathe. So there's that. Still, with a new marriage and a brand new baby in her family, she's either stressed and in need of some TLC or she's a superhero.

Since Marvel isn't issuing a press release to address the latter, I'm going to assume it's safe to say that Kailyn is experiencing the stress of all new moms. Luckily for her, husband Javi Morroquin isn't oblivious to her needs and is doing everything he can to help ease some of that tension.


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Kailyn recently shared proof that Javi's the dude with the most-est when it comes to keeping his lady relaxed. It's clear that he's doing all he can to soothe the missus, and Kailyn recently posted a pic on Instagram as proof of just that. Observe, Javi rubbing Kailyn's feet:

It's great that he's being so attentive (God knows she deserves it), but the image kind of crosses a line for me. I'm not saying it's particularly outrageous or obscene or anything (because I am not a crazy person, nor do I enjoy dolling out chum for the trolls). It's just that the picture seems super intimate. It's great that he takes such good care of her, but maybe that's something that should be shared between just the two of them.

Are you cool with the picture, or do you think it should have stayed private?


Image via Instagram

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