'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Roger Finds a Way to Get Close to JWOWW (VIDEO)

'Tis the season to be selfless! Each member of the gang (this is how I've started thinking of Snooki, Jenni, Roger, and Jionni -- like they're mystery-solving characters on Scooby-Doo) works hard this week to make someone else happy, and you can't help but feel the love. Snooki and JWOWW spend some quality time washing dogs in order to raise money for charity, while Roger and Jionni figure out a surefire way to finally get Jenni to sleep with her fiancé, who -- heaven help him -- is beginning to resemble a drooling ninth grade boy any time she's within 20 feet of him.


Here's what we know so far: Jenni and Roger have been seeing a therapist who seems to think she needs to be massaged and caressed so that she will want to have sex with her man. Why isn't anyone just listening to JWOWW herself, who couldn't be making this any easier? She wants kisses, hugs, flowers, and for Roger to play with the dogs more often. Roger, if you would just stop saying things like you want to "souffle the s**t" (what does that even mean?) out of JWOWW, you could save $150 a week AND both be sexually satisfied.

In Roger's defense (and the souffle comment will make a lot more sense in a sec), he realizes he needs to spice things up with Jenni and be more romantic. So he calls on pal Jionni to help cook their ladies some sort of French chicken and chocolate souffle meal, and hilarity ensues as both visit a supermarket for what seems like the first time in either of their lives. They can't pronounce the ingredients on their grocery list, aren't sure if quinoa is a type of food or paper good, and make the rookie mistake of buying a whole chicken when they could have been really lazy and purchased it already severed. Still, they get an "A" for effort.

While they slave over a hot stove, the ladies are busy scrubbing strangers' dogs and explaining the virtues of cursing. "I'm a mom and I still f*****g swear," Nicole explains when Jenni scolds her for having a potty mouth in front of children. JWOWW doesn't do so bad herself, delivering my fave quote of the night after Snooki reveals she loves animals more than people. "Me too," she says. "I f*****g hate people." Overall, a big, awesome win for the F-word this week.

Snooki and JWOWW return home to find balloons, rose petals, and candles set up in the dining room. Snooki cries and hugs Jionni like he just came back from war. Jenni just really wants to take a shower. I don't blame her -- the dog smell won't inspire romantic feelings. But even after she warms up and compliments Roger for a job well done, you just know our girl still feels like she's missing something. Honestly, I thought the meal would do it. Did she want it to be a private affair? Are his silly sex comments ruining things? We need to know!

Here's a sneak peek at this week's episode:

MTV - Sneak Peek: Swear Words - Snooki & JWoww (Video Clip) | MTV

Why do you think JWOWW is making things difficult for Roger? 


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