'Teen Mom' Leah Messer's New Year's Resolutions Are Setting Her Up to Fail

leah messer jeremy calvert Leah Messer is turning over a new leaf. The Teen Mom 2 star declared her New Year's resolutions on Twitter this weekend, vowing to get clean in 2014 by quitting smoking, eliminating caffeine, and greening up her diet!

"Its quittin time!" Leah tweeted on December 8. "The Calvert family, starting our New Resolution a bit early. #HealthierLifestyle #NoCaffeine #NoTobacco #Fruit #Veggies." Love it! Good for her -- well, all of them, the whole Calvert crew! Though by making her goal a "resolution," the relative newlywed and mom of three could be setting herself up to fail ...


I'm sure Leah has the best intentions, and it sounds like she's targeting some very specific, important lifestyle changes she wants to accomplish. But it's for those reasons that she shouldn't call 'em resolutions! All too often we see New Year's resolutions as temporary, fleeting, part of a seasonal trend. It's much easier to throw in the towel on a resolution than a regular goal. And the odds aren't exactly in our favor: Only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year's resolutions! OUCH!

But I'd bet that a LOT more than that reach everyday goals that they set for themselves and, more importantly, create a realistic plan for achieving!

That said, Leah's already on the right track. Going public with your mission is one of the keys to accomplishing what you set out to, because it's an automatic way to garner support! Making it a family affair should help, too. But the first step to success: Resolving to scrap that New Year's resolution label!

How do you feel about making New Year's resolutions?


Image via Leah Messer/Twitter

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