Catherine Giudici's Bikini Bod Is NOT What We Expected

Catherine Giudici

Whoa. Looks like somebody had a pretty decent time on her bachelorette party trip to Miami. Check out Catherine Giudici's bikini body, which she proudly showed off while chilling out with her girlfriends in the Florida sun.

I gotta say -- I was wondering if she really was going to wind up sporting a neon bikini, since she'd been talking about said two-piece on Twitter a couple days before her trip. Guess she wasn't kidding. That shade of yellow is as neon as neon yellow gets -- and it looks great on Catherine for sure.

But let's cut to the chase -- am I the only one who is a bit surprised by how ... normal her bod looks?


She's fit and healthy -- but not as super skinny as I perceived her to be while she was on The Bachelor. Most of the women on that show are nothing short of minuscule, so it's refreshing to see Catherine look like a regular person that you'd see on the beach versus a reality TV star.

For whatever reason, I always pictured her with a much slighter frame, so her more athletic build is a breath of fresh air for sure.

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Hmm. There's no word yet on where Sean and Catherine are headed on their honeymoon -- but she should definitely think about packing this little number in her suitcase if they're going anywhere tropical. Then again, considering how great she looks, it'll be a miracle if she and Sean even make it out of their room once they're officially hitched. (Sorry. Had to go there. Couldn't resist.)

What do you think of Catherine's neon bikini?


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