‘Teen Mom’s Tyler Baltierra Starts a Surprising Twitter Feud With Costar

Tyler BaltierraTeen Mom alum Tyler Baltierra is one of the good ones. He and his fiance Catelynn Lowell are the sweetest ever, even their stint on Couples Therapy for VH1 was adorable. I am convinced that on some alternate plane of reality, I do nothing but sit in a house all day and make them warm cookies while they regale me with mildly humorous anecdotes. 

But if the Internet is right (and when is it ever not), Tyler did something not-so-Tyler-like. He maaaaaybe started a little bit of a Twitter fight with fellow cast-member Farrah Abraham. To be fair, the woman sort of asked for it. I mean, it's not like she was talking smack about Tyler or his lady (she knows I would no longer let her eat warm cookies on the porch if she did that), but sister-friend definitely makes herself an easy target, just like the parachuting beavers in the bonus round of Big Buck Hunter.


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Tyler apparently thinks Farrah's solo foray onto Couples' Therapy is as laughable as the rest of us who concern ourselves with her antics do. But his mockery is different than mine. For one, I don't think he's getting paid to feign lack of scruples and a passion for reality-T.V. based feuds. For another, it kind of smacks of, well, jealousy.

On Twitter, Tyler accuses Farrah of basically being a copy-cat, albeit in a playful manner. But let's be real. Tyler and Catelynn's whole brand is about them as a couple, them as nice people, the type of folks you'd like to be your friend. They don't need to worry about Farrah stepping on that turf. If anything, Farrah makes it her mission to be the opposite of those things on the regs. She wakes up and is like, "Who can I enrage today?" But feuds are her bread and butter. Here's hoping Tyler's subtweet was a one-off and that he knows better than to taunt the Farrah-beast.

Were you surprised to see Tyler sink to Farrah's level?


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