'Shahs of Sunset' Recap: Reza Reveals a Shocking Secret

Reza Farahan In the most recent episode of Shahs of Sunset, we see the start of a breakthrough -- and not just for Reza Farahan. Following last week's chaotic and crazy argument between Reza and newcomer Sasha, the group takes the high road (literally!).


The crew showed their support on a float in Los Angeles' gay pride parade. The group helps to defuse the tension between the traditional Persian culture and homosexuality, and Reza's inevitable breakdown brings more much-needed attention to the issue.

Mike Shouhed makes the decision that Reza and MJ Javid shouldn't be present on the float representing the gay club where last week's feud took place. And I guess we can't blame him after last week's argument. Mike calls Reza to uninvite him and meets with MJ to tell her the same. MJ agrees that Reza was wrong in offending Sasha last week, but she's not about to betray her best friend as she thought Mike did.

GG Gharachedaghi, Asa Rahmati, Mike, and his girlfriend Jess put the tension aside and attend the gay pride parade. Complete with costumes, glitter, and half-naked men, they have a blast on the float. The parade totally served as an awesome learning experience for everyone, helping the group understand the conflicting lifestyle of being gay and Persian. And after talking with Sasha, they see both sides of the story between him and Reza.

Finally, Reza opens up to Asa about everything. He admits that he's disappointed in himself for what he said to Sasha but explains that in spite of his own past, he's still bothered by Sasha's outward self. Reza's traditional upbringing hindered his gay lifestyle -- the exact opposite of Sasha's. Reza emotionally reveals that his identity, which was considered shameful, resulted in his extreme 20-year personal struggle.

It looks like he needs to come to terms with some personal issues before he even thinks of apologizing to Sasha. Maybe this breakthrough is what he really needed to move on? I hope so! He'll be able to make some real progress in the way that he feels about himself and his past -- and by the looks of next week's previews, this is just the beginning.

Now that Reza opened up about his past, do you think he's justified in not accepting Sasha?

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