'SNL' Makes Paul Rudd a Squealing One Direction Mega Fan (VIDEO)

paul rudd snlLast night on Saturday Night Live Paul Rudd got the television equivalent of being photobombed by Will Ferrell during the monologue and during a few skits. Sure Anchorman 2 is coming out -- and the reason why Rudd's on SNL -- and Ferrell is Ron Burgundy, but let's let Paul be front and center. Which is why I love this One Direction mega fan skit the best.

Nothing's creepier than the old guy amongst teenagers at a One Direction concert. And Rudd plays the part to perfection.


Dan Charles is so creepy ... the most innocent way. Perfect Paul Rudd who screams with excitement as the boy band's number one fan. He's so excited at one point, he spits as he's talking. Gross humor cracks me up. He also crushes one fan's hopes of marrying Zayn when he tells her, "I absolutely hate to tell you this, but you're not. I know what Zayn's into, and it's definitely not you."

It's clear Dan Charles has his priorities straight. He's at a One Direction concert instead of being with his pregnant wife as we learn from his phone call and proclamation: "My wife just had a baby." BEST SONG EVER! I say Harry! You say Styles! Harry! Harry! Styles! Styles! I say One Di! You say rection ... yeah that one not so much.

I wonder if Kendall Jenner was there. 

What did you think of Paul Rudd's SNL performance?

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