If You Thought Jenelle Evans' Hair Was Red Before, Wait 'Til You See It Now

jenelle evansJenelle Evans has no time for haters. She'd just flip her fabulous locks and move on with her life. While back in the day, she'd issue prolonged verbal smackdowns, now she's likely to issue a terse rebuttal to those who'd cross her, or better still, she'll say nothing at all. She's always been someone who -- like it or lump it like mashy potatoes* -- takes risks

These risks sometimes might be destructive. I point in the direction of her questionable dating history, her fights with her mother, and of course, her storied use of drugs and alcohol. But when it comes to her sense of style, that's one arena where Jenelle's risk-taking nature has served her well. No matter what she tries with her hair, it always looks smoking. 


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Whatever Jenelle seems to try with her hair, it always works out. Maybe that's part of why she's such a hair chameleon -- she's genuinely curious to see if there are any hairstyles that don't make her look insanely awesome. Lately she's been rocking some red streaks, which she added to for a fuller, all-over red look just yesterday, sharing pics of the before and after on her Instagram account. This shade of red is tough to get on your own at home and best left to the stylists. It got me wondering, if it's so hard for her to look bad, what are some crazy looks she should try and see if she can pull off?

jenelle evans

She's definitely got stunning eyes -- this short cut would highlight her features!

2.) Mohawk?

Hey. Come on. I feel like if any of the Teen Moms could pull this off, it's got to be the formerly edgiest of them all, right? 

3.) Totally Shaved Head?

If it's good enough for Natalie Portman, it is good enough for Jenelle Evans.

4.) A Cher Wig?

I beseech Jenelle to bring long-ass hair back! Also to record a hit single about Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves.  

5.) Full Perm?

This one might be rough. There are curls. And then there are curls. Would Jenelle look like a clown? Only one at-home perm kit can tell us for sure.


Images via Instagram; Instagram 

*that's right. 

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