Jonathan Rhys Meyers Does What Robert Pattinson Never Did on Tonight's 'Dracula'

Dracula If you're not watching Dracula, the mini-series by the creators of Downton Abbey, showing Friday nights on NBC ... you are not alone. I'm watching it, but that's just because I have EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD TASTE. I also have a sixth sense for sussing out any television program wherein Jonathan Rhys Meyers gets very, very naked (hellllooooo, The Tudors). 

In an extender trailer for tonight's episode of Dracula, we not only get to witness Jonathan Rhys Meyers in his Victorian-era underwear (helllloooo, tattoos), but the stakes (pun not intended but infinitely delightful) are raised when Drac tries to cure his inability to walk in the sun or face dire consequences. I mean, as dire as anything could be for an immortal blood sucker. I can't even handle it, you guys. 


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In this adaptation of the Bram Stoker classic, Dracula is actually one of the good guys (be still my beating heart). He was awoken by the infamous Van Helsing and enlisted to help him do battle against their shared enemy, the Order of the Dragon (pause here to push up my glasses). In a take worthy of Dickens, this Gothic horror story now centers around the quiet dismantling of the corporate machine that powers the order, comprised of wealthy, powerful, and totally homophobic dudes.

Drac's managed to infiltrate their midst, pretending to be Southern (JRM's accent has grown on me). But they are suspicious now and are holding a meeting in the noonday sun. If he doesn't show up, that will completely out him as a vampire! So he and Van Helsing are trying to cure his pesky sun problem. If dude can walk around all Twilight style, do you even know what that means? He basically will become a superhero. Though I wonder, could his sun-walking antics and the cure that comes with him be a mistake? What if he becomes mortal again in the process? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Do you think Dracula being able to walk in the sun helps or hurts the series?


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