Kailyn Lowry Spills Future of 'Teen Mom 2'

Teen Mom 2 castBy now it's pretty much a given that we will see a season 5 of Teen Mom 2. There is already a rumored airdate, people! They can't take it away from us now! But could MTV already be working on a season 6?!

The future of the show may have been revealed by none other than star Kailyn Lowry the other day -- albeit by accident! You see, Kail was really trying to show off her dog in an Instagram shot. But she ended up letting us all in on what the MTV crew is doing ... in her house! Check it out:


Kailyn Lowry dog MTV crew

See that guy with the Rottie jumping on him?

Kail captioned the photo with "Bear is almost as tall as @ruggz167."

Well, as it happens, @ruggz167 is a member of the MTV crew. Considering the shot was posted this week, and Kailyn's trying to show how big her dog is NOW, it's safe to say that means MTV is filming. Right. Now.

Not to mention, Javi let slip just this week that he's going to miss all the laughs he's had with the crew.

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The last time we saw footage of Kailyn or her co-stars -- Jenelle, Leah, and Chelsea -- on TV was this past spring, but that was all shot more than a year prior. Remember, it preceded Jenelle hooking up with Courtland, Leah's delivery of Adalynn, Kail's entire pregnancy, Chelsea's ex getting another girl pregnant, and a whole lot more? So MTV has a LOT to catch up on. So much that I'm wondering: if they're filming now, can they possibly keep it all to just one season?

Typically the Teen Mom seasons have covered only so much territory, but here we are a year and a half past the last time the girls were being filmed, and they're filming.

Surely that's too much for them to edit down to just one season. We'd miss way too much drama from our favorite girls. Right?

OK, maybe it's just wishful thinking, but then again, we see MTV is definitely interested in what is going on in the girls' lives right now. And so are we!

Would you watch a season 6? What do you hope they'll cover?


Images via MTV; Instagram

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