'Glee' Recap: Kurt Lands on Santa's Naughty List

Glee ChristmasAll right, who got baked before they sat down to write the Glee Christmas episode? Dubbed "Previously Unaired Christmas," the episode was -- as you'd expect by the name -- presented by Jane Lynch (as herself, not Sue Sylvester!) as one Fox canned last year but allowed them pull out of the archives for some festive fun. If Sue breaking character wasn't a sign that things were going to get weird, maybe Jane Lynch dropping coal in Meritt Weaver's stocking should have clued you in that hijinks were afoot?

Either way, it happened. We went tripping back to 2012, when Kurt and Blaine were still broken up, Santana was just getting over Brittany, and somehow it was OK for a glee club at a public high school to put together a living nativity, complete with a transgender Virgin Mary (aka Unique) singing Diana Ross' "Love Child."


You starting to get the idea that this was the trippiest Glee episode ever? Which isn't to say that it wasn't fun entertaining a little alternate reality!

Ever wondered what would happen if Kurt and Blaine weren't getting married and Kurt decided to throw caution to the wind?

We found out tonight he'd probably end up on Santa's naughty list.

And I do mean that literally. When Rachel gets jobs for her, Kurt, and Santana as elves at the midtown mall, the New York New Directions end up working for a drunken Santa who leaves them high and dry to deal with a crowd of kids desperate to offload their wish lists on a fat guy in a red suit. Help arrives in the form of a muscled man clad in Santa's pants and a red jacket left open to show off his rippling abs. Naturally Kurt invites the sexy Santa over to their place, because these are kids from Ohio and no one ever told them not to open their home to strangers in the big city.

What could go wrong?

Other than Santa getting the new New Yorkers liquored up and high on helium, then tying Kurt up for some role playing so he can rob them blind?

Poor Kurt! The one time he sets aside the proper Lady Hummel act, and he ends up trussed like a Christmas turkey with some spare garland! He's just not cut out for the bad boy routine!

Thank goodness this was a scene of what Christmas might have been, not Christmas present! Too bad we won't get to see Kurt and Blaine's real holiday together ... Glee is now on hiatus until February.

What did you think of the flashback episode? Did you catch any continuity issues?


Image via Adam Rose/Fox

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