New 'Bachelor' Women Revealed to Be Just As Cheesy & Vapid As Ever

Juan pabloAh, The Bachelor. Year after year, it's just the gift that keeps on giving. They have found a formula and made that formula work for them again, again, and again. Now that the women of Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor have been revealed, it's easy to see that this season (starting in January) is going to be JUST as delicious.

And what IS that formula? Well it starts with one hot and eligible man. Very often he was desirable in another season, like Juan Pablo was with Desiree Hartsock. But by now, the fame has gone to his head and in his own season you KNOW it will never last. But that's just the beginning.

The next step is the women. And who are they? Well, they range in age from 21 to 33, usually with the older ones being pegged as desperate harpies while the younger ones are always being asked if they are "too young to be thinking of marriage" and if they are "here for the right reasons" (answers: yes and no). Oh, but there is more.


The girls from Juan Pablo's season are predictably a range between serious -- one is a federal prosecutor named Andi whose greatest accomplishment was convicting a murderer in eight minutes -- and more vapid. For instance, Amy L., age 27, is a newspaper reporter and lists her favorite author as Dr. Seuss. This is a fact she shares with my 7-year-old! Awww.

I would love it if once, JUST ONCE, they broke with formula and actually chose women who looked like women and men who were not in it for fame alone. I would totally watch the "Real Bachelor" replete with women who get nervous before dates, have to dress themselves up, and do normal things like read and watch TV during the day.

Then I would love to see men who actually have to pay for dates and take women out in jalopy cars and are nervous and forced to make awkward conversation without the backdrop of sweeping romantic settings.

Honest to God, I would watch that. Because after 10 years of watching this show, I am BORED. Let's shake things up.

Who's with me?

Do you like the show's formula still?


Image via ABC

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