'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham's New Show Has Some Surprising Co-Stars

Farrah AbrahamMark it on the calendar. Farrah Abraham has managed to keep a secret! But don't you worry curious cats, the Teen Mom star's proud papa can't hold things in, so we're about to find out what she's been up to anyway.

It seems Farrah's hints about a new TV show are legit this time, and we don't mean Couples Therapy. Pretty much the world knows by now that Farrah is going to be the first reality star to go it alone on the VH1 show. But what else is she up to?


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Wellllll, Farrah's dad, Michael Abraham, took to Facebook and spilled the beans that her whole family is filming:

Ah! Made it through a thankful holiday weekend .... Very busy, moved Farrah and Sophia into their new home, installed many many house things for them and enjoyed being with them... This coming weekend we will be busy filming with family and friends .....For a surprise for everyone early next year! I can't tell you yet but you guys will see Farrah, Sophia, Debra and I and "friends" on a special show soon! Be thankful, be strong, be graceful, be respectful, show understanding... Smile and give love to those around you! God bless everyone!

Now, considering Couples Therapy is a done deal, and we all know about it, he surely can't be talking about that as a "surprise." Not to mention I highly doubt the celebrity therapists really need to bring Farrah's 4-year-old on VH1 to talk about her dating life.

I have to say after some of the more disastrous scenes we saw on Teen Mom involving her parents -- especially mom Debra -- it's surprising to hear her new show will involve the entire family. That's not to say it isn't a good thing. Her mom and dad may not be perfect, but they've stuck by their daughter through hell and back. She needs these people in her life, as does little Sophia.

The question is whether any of them really need to be in front of a camera ...

At the very least, with a new show that's all about her in the works, if Farrah walks from Couples Therapy -- and rumors have it things are not going well -- she should have something to fall back on!

Be honest: would you watch another Farrah and fam reality show?


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