Kris Jenner’s ‘Date Night’ Photo With Ben Flajnik Isn’t As Innocent As It Looks

kris jenner date nightThere's a devious plot brewing around a former Bachelor star, and we've got all the scoop. See this Instagram photo of Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik captioned "Date Night"? Well. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Kris Jenner has got Ben in her sights, and she will not rest until Ben is hers. A source just leaked the famous Momager's to-do list, and it's all about making Ben her sex slave.

As far as Ben is concerned, he and Kris are just friends and business partners. "Kris is a very, very dear friend of mine," he told People magazine. "We are not dating, we're just working on a couple of projects together, so that's why we've been seen a lot as of late." Yeah, that's what he thinks. But has he seen this?



1. Brainstorm projects to work on with Ben.

2. Meet with Ben to narrow down to top three. In my hot tub.

3. Meet with Stevie Nicks in her secret cave to discuss magic love spell for Ben.

4. Find out Ben's favorite scent memory. Have perfume made from that scent as well as irresistible wildebeest musk.

5. Schedule special Liz Heinlein sabotage hypnosis immediately following movie night with Ben.

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6. Private coaching session with that Stealth Attraction pick-up artist guy who reminds me of the Tom Cruise character in Magnolia. Side note: Tax write-off?

7. Pluck three of Ben's hairs as per Stevie's instructions. Also get sample of his mucus. How???

8. Remind assistant to source wildebeest musk ASAP. Why is it taking so long?!?

9. Expose Ben to someone's cold so he'll produce mucus for me. Have tissues handy.

10. Reserve Fantasy Suite for Saturday night.

11. Too soon. Cancel Fantasy Suite reservation.

12. You know who's cute? Brooks Forester ...

Do you think Kris has something more than business in mind for Ben Flajnik, or are they really just friends?


Image via Kris Jenner/Instagram

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