'Teen Mom' Star Takes to Twitter to Make Some BIG Accusations

Gary ShirleyTwitter and stars of MTV's Teen Mom just don't mix. It's a fact we see again and again with Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood, and even Maci Bookout. These dramas on social media play out badly and always end up making the tweeter look stupid. Gary Shirley, Portwood's baby daddy and ex-fiance, is just the latest.

Last week, he aired ALL his dirty laundry with an ex-girlfriend on Twitter and it was ugly, indeed. But hey, at least it wasn't Amber this time, right?

His new girlfriend Kristina apparently cheated (according to Gary) as he tweeted:


Give a girl a promise ring after 9 months of dating, find out she’s in a relationship w someone else after she said she broke up with them f*ck!


Lol the sad thing is I believed everything she said haha damn! Told her she should act!

Poor Gary. As clueless as he could sometimes be, I always kind of liked him on the show. I think he genuinely loves Leah and was way nicer to Amber than she deserved at times.

Still, all this is a lesson about Twitter. If Kristina DID cheat on Gary, then she deserves to be dumped, but publicly humiliated? Maybe not. As these Teen Mom stars begin to break up with each other and they begin to move on (good for Gary!), this will become more commonplace (see Jenelle Evans).

It's probably not a good thing. Even when people deserve it. The reality is, Twitter isn't a great thing for some people and Shirley -- and Jenelle and all her exes -- might be one of them. Gary deleted all the tweets and I am guessing he learned from this.

Private things are best kept private. Every "celebrity" ought to know that up front.

Do you think it's good to air personal baggage on social media?

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