Jenelle Evans' 'Playboy' Cover Reminds Us of Her Wilder Days

Jenelle EvansWhilst hell-raising used to be her middle name (admittedly, I have not made efforts to locate her birth certificate and confirm this as fact because I am not a journalist), Jenelle Evans has turned a new leaf. It's hard to say what the future holds. But, if the last few months have been any indication, it is far more likely that we see will photos of Jenelle going to church than it is that we spot any retina-scarring 'upskirts.'

You'd think that this newer, closer-to-being-Amish version of Jenelle would inspire swooning sighs from her fan-base. Because swooning sighs are the currency most frequently meted out by the aforementioned fan-bases. While I'm sure some of her fans have taken to their fainting couches e'en as we speak, others aren't quite as reconciled to this newer, more likely to describe buttons as an "unnecessary vanity" version of Miz Evans.


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Don't worry. It's not like they're violently angry about the wholesome version of Jenelle. We don't need to look into hiring a security detail to carry her around the next time she goes to see Ke$ha perform Gregorian chants about glitter-sex-soda or anything. But they are making their demands known -- and what they want is their wild Jenelle back.

Take one of her Twitter followers for example. He spent time that could have been dedicated to reading some new fiction (Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries perhaps?) and used it instead to create a photoshopped cover of Playboy magazine with Jenelle as the month's cover girl.

Maybe the old Jenelle still exists within the dour, fetid, matriarch she has become. Proof to follow this assertion? Jenelle loved the picture. To be fair, should someone choose to photoshop me in such a fashion, I would equally be all about it. Suggested article titles for my cover include "Scurvy & Sexin' -- What YOU Need to Know." Here's hoping Jenelle enjoys the lols without returning to the feather-hair-extension and all-night bacchanalian revels that she so enjoyed in days of yore.

Do you miss the old wild Jenelle?


Image via Instagram

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