'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Puts Roger Through Baby Boot Camp (VIDEO)

After a successful day spent at an adoption event on last week's episode, JWOWW and Roger have babies on the brain. But Roger feels like a "big ogre" when he holds a baby and Jenni isn't convinced he has a clue what it takes to actually care for a needy little person. Thank goodness for Snooki who -- when she finds out her best friend is planning on coming over and making her fiance change all of baby Lorenzo's poopy diapers for the night -- is like um, hell yes, sign me up. Wait, Jionni and I don't get to actually leave you alone with him so we can go out to a restaurant like two civilized adults? Oh, whatever, I'll still take it!


JWOWW is no fool and knows spending one night with what has to be the most well-behaved baby on planet Earth is not going to prepare either one of them for parenthood. I think she just wants to see if Roger will accidentally place Lorenzo in the refrigerator when he grabs a beer. When is everyone going to learn they can't underestimate this man -- he's a superhero in disguise, people!

Granted, he looks scared to death when Snooki passes Lorenzo to him the second they enter their house. But while he and Jionni spend what seems like 18 hours failing to put together a huge swingset with nothing but 10 identical pieces of wood, Roger swiftly and flawlessly responds to each of Snooki and JWOWW's calls for baby help. He changes diapers. He feeds Lorenzo dinner. He gives him a bubble bath. He's quickly learning a little-known female secret: cleaning up a little vomit is waaay better than having to put together an entire freaking swingset. 

And since they're spending the night at Nicole and Jionni's, Roger also gets a taste of just when you thought the baby was down for the night and you could drink in peace, he so isn't. Only this is how he responds: "I hear Lorenzo crying in the background and I'm not going to take this lightly." Swoon, JWOWW, swoon!

Off-topic a bit, but in one interesting chat that takes place between the girls that night, Snooki reveals that she is super curious about her ethnic background. Since she was adopted as a baby, she only knows about her Chilean heritage, but wants to find out more. I really like the way this storyline will play out alongside the one where JWOWW and Roger contemplate adoption.

When they're safely back at home, Roger says something to JWOWW that many parents have thought at some point prior to having kids: our child will never be like theirs. Jenni doesn't agree and thinks that, as long as they can give a baby love and affection, he'll be just like Lorenzo.

JWOWW, I love you, but that's total BS. That child is an angel from God. Children like that do not exist. I repeat: they do not exist. 

But that's no reason to be discouraged. I'm officially on board with JWOWW and Roger making a baby, like now. Okay, maybe after their therapy ends. 

Here's a sneak peek at this week's episode:

MTV - Sneak Peek: Baby Boot Camp - Snooki & JWoww (Video Clip) | MTV

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