Maci Bookout's Selfie Puts Other 'Teen Mom' Stars' Snapshots to Shame (PHOTO)

maci bookout selfie ginger problemsMaci Bookout has been rockin' a red 'do for a while now, but she only recently took to Instagram to show off her ginger locks in a whole new light ... literally. In a selfie that appears to have been taken in her car, the Teen Mom star's snapshot is overexposed in the best possible way. Her scarlet tresses have never looked so glam! Not just that -- but check out her neutral makeup that proves that a nude lip and natural, bold black liner and lashes make for an enviable, eye-popping look. Really, has Bentley's mama ever looked better?!

Then again, Maci's polished posh could all be thanks to the magic of one of Instagram's many filters ... But so what? Other Teen Mom stars could stand to watch and learn (ahem, Jenelle!) from Maci's picture perfect selfie.


There's no awkward "whoops cleavage/boobs!" No random boyfriend in the background in his PJs. No other randoms or distractions in the background. What's more, she's actually trying to look glam. Because, come on, everyone takes selfies with this supposed "candid" feel, but how candid are they really? Who takes a selfie with the intention of looking craptastic? Puhleeez. Let's just be honest. We all want to look our ultimate, beautiful best -- or else we'd never even bother posting the pic in the first place!

And with those fairy tale, Ariel waves and that TV-ready makeup job, it's clear Maci put in the effort. And that, my friends, is how a kick-ass selfie is done.

Thoughts on Maci's hair and makeup here? What's your favorite Teen Mom selfie of all time?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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