Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Are Finally Coming Back to TV

Catelynn Lowell Tyler BaltierraReality TV's cutest couple is coming home! The last time we saw Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra, they were starring on Couples Therapy over on VH1. But it was MTV that made the Teen Mom duo famous, so guess who has claimed their next appearance on television?

You got it! Cate and Ty are MTV-bound again! Are we finally getting the spin-off fans have wanted ever since Teen Mom got the axe?


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Well, not exactly. Dawn Baker, the adoption counselor who helped Cate and Ty place little Carly with parents Brandon and Teresa Davis, is the one who spilled the beans about the couple's return to reality television, and the way she's talking, it sounds more like a one-off special:

"A" where are they now? That means just one, folks.

But hey, all it takes is one show with mega ratings to go through the roof, right? And then MTV will cotton on to just how much fans love Catelynn and Tyler?

Cate, at least, seems like she's game to spend more time on MTV. She not only retweeted Baker's comments, but she shared this with fans:

In addition to filming, Catelynn and Tyler are doing their thing as motivational speakers on the "I'm Pregnant" tour. Their next stop, where fans can see them speak for free, is at the Oakland Center on the Oakland University campus in Rochester, Michigan on Friday night. Who knows, show up and you might even be on MTV!

What do you want to see from a Catelynn and Tyler special on MTV? Should it be a regular thing?


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