'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Mama Joyce Gets Low With Attack on Todd Tucker

real housewives of atlanta This week we got to spend quality time with some of my favorite Atlanta Housewives. Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes having a heart-to-heart in the grocery store? Check. Phaedra Parks treating her mortuary student study group as a therapy session? Double check. Even the less interesting moments with cast members who usually don't make my heart go pitter-pat made me smile this week.

Take, for example, Porsha Stewart calling out her sister for wanting her to rent a condo solely so she can throw parties in her absence. Oh, you cheeky familial assistant! Even Kenya Moore (who normally only inspires loathing of deep, shocking, and inexplicable proportions within my heart) had me snorting as she whipped her hair back and forth with glee to be in a new rental, and not that low-rent hotel she'd been staying in. 


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There was one scene, however, that gave me enough anxiety that I might shortly have to look into procuring a Xanax (or 12). I am talking about, of course, Mama Joyce's rude, mean, manipulative, and completely unhinged antics. I felt so badly for Todd Tucker. He returns home, Kandi Burruss had given him this sweet welcome home, and neither of them can enjoy it because Todd is so very genuinely upset by the news that Mama Joyce has decided he's no good. 

I tried to hold on to the adorable memories of Cynthia and Peter Thomas meeting her daughter Noelle's little boyfriend Arthur, but sadly they were as fleeting as any lease Kenya Moore might manage to obtain. Instead I was left with the image of Mama Joyce, hunched over her pie screaming about how there weren't enough photos of her up in Kandi's house. When that issue was soothed over, Mama decided to accuse Todd of having an affair with Kandi's best friend. Then she randomly bellowed song lyrics. I think maybe ... she was drunk? Could that be it? Whatever was going on, it certainly wasn't a temporary blip. The scenes from next week show her going medieval while Kandi's trying on wedding gowns!

Do you think Mama Joyce has finally lost it?


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