'Glee' Recap: How Many Pregnancy Scares Does One Family Get?

Glee Jake PuckermanIt might be a holiday, but as they say in the business, the show must go on. And Glee certainly put on a show for its Thanksgiving night episode. There were puppets. Foxes. Adam Lambert. And ... a pregnancy scare.

That's right Gleeks, another one!


As a whole, the Puppet Master episode -- called that because Kurt accused bossy Blaine of acting like one as he tried to control the Glee club -- was a little trippy. Thanks to a gas leak in the choir room, we got to see Sue Sylvester dancing "cheek to cheek" with Mr. Schue (and more importantly liking it!) and Blaine saw all the members of the New Directions as actual puppets dancing around him.

Then there was Adam Lambert covering Madonna with Kurt's band Pamela Lansbury plus a "What Does the Fox Say" cover thrown in for good measure. If you weren't too stuffed to focus on the TV, the writers stuffed a lot of fun in there.

But between all the kookiness was a truly serious moment. Jake Puckerman has been sowing his wild oats now that he and Marley are totally broken up, and it came back to bite him in the behind. Bree, the Cheerio he first cheated on Marley with, hadn't gotten her period, and she wanted Jake to come along to the clinic so she could have it "taken care of."

Fortunately when Jake showed up at her locker later for the trip, Bree said she's gotten her period. Crisis averted. The whole thing was quickly turned into a teachable moment for Jake, whose manwhoring is out of control.

He wouldn't be the first teenager scared straight by a pregnancy scare.

But did the writers just forget the entire first season of the show? When cheerleader Quinn Fabray ended up pregnant thanks to one manwhoring Puck, aka Noah Puckerman, aka Jake's big brother?

This is not Glee's first pregnancy scare (or second for that matter ... remember Rachel?), and not the first for the Puckerman fam. Maybe it just didn't click because it was never his pregnant girlfriend before, but I always thought he was afraid of turning into Puck. That's why he cleaned up his act in the first place, wasn't it? Well, that and because he liked Marley?

It doesn't look like he got a good enough scare the first time around. Soooooo ... maybe what we really need is for Mark Salling to make a visit to Lima to straighten his little brother out?

Hey, we can dream, right Gleeks?

What did you think of Jake's sudden wake-up call? Should he and Marley get back together?


Image via Adam Rose/FOX

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