Tori Spelling Makes 'Desperate' Plea to Be On 'Dancing With the Stars'

tori spellingSomething finally clicked in Tori Spelling and she is making it public that she's ready, willing, and able to be cast on Dancing With the Stars after reporting saying no several times in the past. How many times can one show be turned down before they decide they aren't interested anymore? That's the question! But how could any reality show say no to Tori Spelling? She is essentially reality show gold.

Tori, however, supposedly sees the show as a giant opportunity to fix up her tarnished image. You can't go slamming Katie Holmes' singing and call her plastic and come out unscathed. Yikes. But there may be another reason Tori's basically begging to be on the show.


Money! Money! Money, money, money! It's no secret that Tori has fallen on some financial hard times, and DWTS pays a pretty penny.

Contestants get $125,000 just for getting on the program and then they can earn up to 345,000 depending on how long they last. Hold the phone. How can I get on this show? Oh ... I need to be famous first, then not famous, then make some sort of comeback, then maybe be on some reality show, to possibly be considered to be on DWTS. Clearly, not going to happen for me. But Tori! Tori is DWTS gold.

I'm just going to go ahead and make my own plea to the producers of the show to ask Tori again because it seems this time she's totally ready to say yes. I want to see her to the cha-cha-cha with Maks. I want to see him get mad at her and her Donna Martin to come out. I want to see her in glittery barely there dresses. I want to see the tears of struggle. I want her to reveal her innermost soul when she's filmed during dance practice. And I will root for her the whole way.

What do you think of Tori's plea to be on DWTS? Do you want to see her on the show?

Image via Rachel Kramer Bussel/Flickr

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