'Shahs of Sunset' Recap: MJ Just Won't Say She's Sorry

The Shahs of Sunset were certainly out of their element -- literally and figuratively -- this episode as they tried to resolve past drama. Attempts and opportunities to mend relationships were made throughout the episode, but they all just missed the mark. MJ Javid and GG Gharachedagi attempted to make up in neutral territory, and Lilly Ghalichi and Asa Rahmati had a heart-to-heart about the aftermath of Lilly and MJ’s fight. But a simple "I'm sorry" proved to be forbidden words in this crew, as the stubbornness in everyone prevailed. 


Reza Farahan's secret master plan was to resolve issues between MJ and GG. MJ was under the impression she was going to a spa with Reza, but instead the two rolled up to a campground. With MJ's six-inch heels in tow, the spa Reza had in mind was really GG's family's camping trip! I will say Reza had the best intentions for the two girls, but crashing a family trip to rehash some drama was not the best way to go about it.

GG showed off her closet Girl Scout skills as she instructed her whole family on how to pitch a tent, and she actually knew what she was doing! Soon after, Reza brought MJ to the campground. The tension was seemingly ignored for the sake of GG's family, but as the trip went on, it became clear that GG wanted an apology -- STAT. MJ, however, had no intention of apologizing. Perfectly on cue in the midst of her stubborn refusal, the rapids started. Maybe that was Mother Nature’s way of telling MJ she was wrong?

Back in the comfort zone of Los Angeles, Lily and Asa had lunch and discussed the previous argument between MJ and Lily. Props to Lily for calling Asa out, leaving her speechless and stuttering when she asked why her “friend” didn’t stick up for her. Asa blamed the nature of the group for their tough exterior, but c’mon, is that really an excuse? If Asa was singled out the way Lilly was, I’m sure she would get her apology out of mere intimidation. Especially with that belly dancer-esque chain over her face in her interviews, I just wouldn’t mess with that. Fortunately, the two seemed to be on better terms by the end of their lunch though.

I’ll admit it was nice to see the group attempt to take a breather from the drama, but previews show there are rough waters ahead (no pun intended) for MJ and GG. It seemed like GG is ready to move on if MJ would just apologize, but nope, this drama queen is stuck in her ways and it looks like there's no changing her. 

Do you think MJ should apologize?


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