The One Thing ‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry Clearly Isn’t Ready For

lincoln marshall marroquinA friend of mine once described the first few weeks with a newborn baby as a "beautiful nightmare." Sound familiar? It might to Kailyn Lowry, who is tweeting from the trenches to give us a glimpse of life with baby Lincoln. Happily, she and her family are doing great. There's nothing out of the ordinary going on. Even better, she's kept her great attitude and her sense of humor. You need both when you're dealing with a newborn baby! And Kailyn is definitely in the weeds with this one.


Ooof, that's a long night! I hope she gets a break for a little nap, at least. What happens with a lot of newborns is they start out super sleepy, and you think you're going to ace this baby business. But after about 10 days, many newborns "wake up" and start sleeping less and crying more. That's when the real fun comes in. Did I say fun? I meant sleep deprivation.

Meanwhile, guess what's on big brother Isaac's mind ...

Hold your horses, kid! We just made this one. So cute -- Isaac already wants a sister. Javi tweeted that Isaac meant "nine months from now." So at least Isaac knows his mama can't just whip out another baby immediately! Still, making another baby is usually the LAST thing on your mind when you've got a newborn. You're just trying to survive the current baby, day by day. It's cute when a child asks -- but when adults ask about another, you kind of want to clock them upside the head and say, "Isn't the baby I have right here enough for you?"

Anyway, we'd love to pop over and babysit that new delicious little baby of Kailyn's to give her a break. I'm sure Javi is doing his daddy duty so his wife can rest, though. Can't wait to hear more about how they're doing!

How do you feel when you've just given birth and people ask you about having another baby?


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