Kailyn Lowry Won't Be Squeezing Into Her Pre-Baby Jeans Any Time Soon

kailyn and family

One of the biggest worries for new moms (outside of the health and happiness of their newborn, of course)? Getting back into their pre-pregnancy clothes. It's a terrorizing thought. What if we CAN'T lose our baby weight? What if we can never squeeze into those oh-so-cute skinny jeans again. Having just given birth a week ago, Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry is feeling that pressure. But she has come up with the perfect way to deal with it. In fact, it's something all new moms should do.


Instead of obsessing over her pre-pregnancy wardrobe, she's going to ignore it for the time being.

Smartest thing any woman who just had a baby could do, if you ask me. I drove myself nuts trying on my clothes every other day. I'd skip carbs or breakfast all together and then try on a pair of pants or skirt hoping they would suddenly fit again. Not a healthy way of losing baby weight. 

Kailyn has the perfect attitude about the whole thing. There is so much pressure to slim down fast. We typically see celebrities do it in record time, so why can't we? The answer to that is simple: we don't have personal chefs or trainers at our disposal every hour of the day. We also aren't used to starving ourselves skinny for work. And even though we know this, we still compare ourselves to that A-list mom who looks red carpet ready two weeks after delivery. It's crazy. I say we follow a new celebrity's lead. Like Kailyn, let's pretend those old clothes don't even exist -- at least for a little while.

How long did it take you to lose your baby weight?


Image via MTV

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