'Teen Mom' Already Talking Marriage With Boyfriend We Didn't Know She Had

Briana DeJesus boyfriendThose Teen Mom stars sure do grow up fast, don't they? Every time you turn around, someone's having a baby or getting married. The latest to be talking wedding bells? Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 3!

Wait. Who? Did you even know Briana had a boyfriend? Well, she does. And after Monday night's explosive Jerry Springer-style Dr. Drew reunion special, we're relieved to report it is not Nova's daddy Devoin Austin!


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The Florida mom outed boyfriend Jay Hendrix on Instagram earlier this week as her "boo," and the couple has been sharing sweet nothings on Twitter all week. It's nice to see her happy and with a man whom she doesn't have to hide from her mom and sister! But what's with the wedding bells?

Well, it seems her Teen Mom 3 co-stars are pretty happy to see Briana in love again too ... so much so that Katie Yeager is joking about Jay and Bri tying the knot:

By the looks of her "Oh God" response, Briana isn't taking that one too seriously. Thank. Goodness. The Dr. Drew special was shot around this time a year ago, and at that point she was adamant that she was single. Even if she hooked up with Jay shortly thereafter -- and hid him from us all -- that's still pretty quick to get married when you've got a child to think about.

Still, we hope this one works out for Briana! She spends so much time thinking about little Nova; she deserves some time to kick back and enjoy herself, and someone to do it with.

What do you think of Briana's new guy? Did you know she was dating?


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