Jenelle Evans' Latest Hairtastrophe Isn't as Bad as She Thinks It Is (PHOTO)

Jenelle Evans Red HighlightsIf there's one thing the world most definitely knows about Jenelle Evans, it's that the Teen Mom star is a huge fan of the selfie. You know, the same "selfie" that's the word of the year? Yeah. She's such a fan, in fact, that if more than 48 hours go by without a Jenelle Evans mug on my Instagram feed, I start to get a little nervous. Her latest pic? A shot debuting Jenelle's new red highlights. And unfortunately, the MTV star doesn't exactly seem happy with the updated dye job.

"No filter, red highlights. Don't like it," Jenelle ranted in the caption. "Never been mad about my hair before in my life too."

Eeeeek. Girl, I know the feeling. Especially when you wait and wait at a salon for the color to set, and then when everything's said and done, you're ... less than pleased. It's the worst. The question is, though, is she gonna do anything to fix it?


Not for nothing, but Jenelle does love to complain a little too often about things and then, welp, do nothing about it. Her hair, though? I highly doubt she's just gonna let this one slide. When a woman isn't pleased with her hair, it's pretty standard that she'll try to do something about it ASAP.

Lucky for Jenelle, who has dyed her hair dark in the past, a quick fix to this problem would be going back to black (Amy Winehouse reference, noted). Check out Jenelle rockin' dark hair. The girl looks great!

Like I said, she really is lucky. Because when things go wrong and you're a natural blonde, it's not always easy to fix things with a $5.65 box of hair dye from the drug store.

At the end of the day, though, I wouldn't worry too much Jenelle. To be real, I don't even think the red looks bad! But hey, to each her own. Guess we're just a few selfies away from seeing what she does to fix her hairtastrophe.

Have you ever had a bad dye job? Did you fix it or wait until your next haircut?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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