Lamar Odom Takes Another Big Step Towards Getting His Life Back

lamar odomWhatever the truth of the situation may be, when it comes to Lamar Odom, I think it's fair to say that those following the ongoing saga had written the guy off. Sure, it's not like we were privy to any of the real details, but between Khloe Kardashian's thinly veiled hints and all of the tabloid coverage, I don't think anyone expected Lamar Odom to get his life together anytime soon. And playing for an NBA team in the not so distant future? Forget it.

Leave it to Lamar to prove us wrong. The guy is back with the Clippers -- albeit conditionally. It might be premature, but I've already donned my celebration pants for dancing (they are pleather, FYI). If Lamar's getting stuff sorted out with his team, then could a real reconciliation with Khloe be that far behind?


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While it's been confirmed that Lamar is headed back to the court, his contract doesn't equal an automatic return to normalcy. As part of the new terms, Lamar is going to be regularly tested for all manner of drugs. It's a strong message being handed down from the NBA, but also proof that they believe Lamar can adhere to his part of the agreement. Clearly he's demonstrated enough of an honest intention to right himself that the higher-ups are willing to take the risk.

That sounds like a good sign to me. It also seems like if Lamar is working so hard to get himself back on track professionally, it goes to follow that this newfounded stick-to-it-ness will spill over into other arenas in his life -- like his marriage to Khloe. While Khloe (for the good of the nation, as Throbtron can smell weakness and she is one of our highest-ranking officials) had put Lamar aside until he got help, no doubt this is a sign to her that what they have is of the utmost importance to him. Here's hoping that means it won't be long until Khloe is cooing about her 'Lammy' once more.

Do you think a Khloe and Lamar reunion is inevitable?


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