Farrah Abraham's Constant Hints About New Show Make Us Not Care (Almost)

farrah abrahamFormer Teen Mom (and definitely NOT a porn star), Farrah Abraham has been dropping mad hints about her latest on-screen venture. What could it possibly be? Should the world brace itself for Backdoor Mom 2: Electric Boogaloo? As much as I wish that were very much the case, I think we can safely veto that idea.

Rumors about Farrah getting her own spinoff reality show have been whizzing about for some time. Now Farrah herself is dropping some major-tweetage about it. That's all well and good -- but with Farrah, you never know how much of what she says is true. Remember how she was "starting a restaurant"?


If you've ever read a story about Farrah before, you know how much she loves to tease stuff out. That is, when she's not just lying full-stop. Yeah, it wasn't so long ago that Farrah was talking about getting a pixie cut, remember that? Or how about the time she claimed that she lived in a mansion? How about her big ol' tattoo fib? The girl has not met a lie she would not be pleased to tell. The truth is not Farrah Abraham's bestie -- woman is all about the buzz and we ain't talking killer bees. (Sidebar: Farrah Abraham vs. Killer Bees is a show I would watch. It would be three minutes long with a lot of screaming.)

But Farrah's simple tweet about "filming TV" has me thinking that this time it isn't all just baloney. Perversely, I hope Farrah is telling the truth. Not just because honesty coming from her mouth would be a nice change of pace, but because, as much as it pains me to admit it, I would watch the sweet holy hell outta that show. You know you're with me. I'm not saying I'd make a lifelong (or even season-long) commitment to it, but for the train-wreck aspect alone, I can safely promise to view at least three episodes.

Would you ever watch a Farrah spinoff?

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