'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Wedding Dresses Make the Girls Happy (VIDEO)

Sure, Snooki may twerk in front of baby Lorenzo in this episode (and it's actually adorable and not at all gross), but we're reminded yet again that JWOWW is the girl -- woman? -- who has a lot of growing up to do before becoming the wife and mom that she sometimes wants to be. Case in point: she sort of wants to have a baby, but really doesn't want to have a baby because she fears getting fat. Even postpartum twiggy Snooki has to roll her eyes at that one and calls her friend out for it, telling her she's selfish and not ready for a baby. 

But JWOWW has another plan: adopt. Maybe she and Roger can fit that in after a couples' therapy session? 


To be truthful, I respect Jenni immensely for wanting to adopt. I respect Roger even more for not being too keen on the idea -- he'd like to first try for biological children -- but for being such a good fiance that he does some research into the matter.

But guys, aren't we putting the cart before the horse here? You still have major issues -- well, JWOWW does anyway -- that you're trying to work out in therapy.

Ah well, maybe a relaxing afternoon of wedding dress shopping with Snooki will take Jenni's mind off of things. Except not really, it only makes matters more confusing because JWOWW tries on her dream dress -- a slightly glittery, girly number that I'm shocked to find isn't fuchsia or made of peacock feathers -- and she decides she wants to get married, like, right now.

And this, Snooki, would be where you have to step in as the sensible one -- did I just write that? -- and remind your friend that she has a million dollars. She could just buy the dress to wear while doing chores around the house instead of getting misty eyed about a wedding that shouldn't take place until they no longer need couples' therapy. 

Moving on. The Gay Joeys arrive. In a silly twist, they begin trying on dresses, which is just taking up valuable time when we could be watching the girls model various gowns. I mean, I was dying to see JWOWW in something more sophisticated, like a trumpet gown -- maybe next time.

The great news is that Snooki fell in love with and purchased a princess-style dress that made her look like an absolute dream. And, when he hears about it, Jionni's reaction to the news is perfect. "I can't wait to see it." Good boyfriend. Also smart: his take on whether JWOWW should get married right now: "It's not something you can be confused about. You either want to do it or you don't." He's slowly becoming my favorite person on the show.

And what does Roger think about all this? He says he's pleasantly surprised that Jenni tried on dresses and that he hopes therapy will get them there ... one day. Thank goodness one of them is thinking straight. Come on, JWOWW, I expect more from you.

Eh, whatever you thought of the episode, you have to admit the girls look stunning in their wedding gowns, don't they? 

MTV - Sneak Peek: Wedding Dresses - Snooki & JWoww (Video Clip) | MTV

What did you think of Snooki's wedding gown? And do you think JWOWW is ready to get married? 


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