Sneak Peek: First Picture of Kailyn Lowry's New Baby (PHOTO)

kailyn lowryJust when you thought you couldn't get any more excited about Kailyn Lowry's baby, sweet Lincoln Marshall Marroquin, she goes and releases a photo of him. And sweet baby Jesus did she and Javi create an adorable kid! Look at him! Look at that head of hair! Look at those lips! Ugh, I just want to squeeze him! (Sorry, Kailyn, but I do.)


The first photo we release of our newborn is always a special one. Whether it's posted to Facebook, sent out via mass text, or printed on a card and mailed to friends and family the old-fashioned way, it's a picture we never forget. Of course new parents don't have time to pore over photos for hours, selecting the perfect one, but it's our way of introducing our baby into the world. It's the first glimpse people get of our precious newborn. It's a picture both Mom and Dad and their loved ones will never forget.

Congrats, Kailyn and Javi, on the newest edition to your family. And congrats on picking the perfect photo to share with the world. This one will be hard to forget!

Do you remember the first pic you shared of your child with the world?


Image via Facebook

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