Chelsea Houska's Accomplishment Makes Other 'Teen Moms' Look Lazy

chelsea houskaGuess what? Chelsea Houska graduated from beauty school! Champagne toasts all around! Everybody's favorite Teen Mom star enrolled at Black Hills Beauty College in early 2012 and completed the program in record time, graduating on November 15. Houska had a few road bumps along the way, taking a brief break in the fall of 2012 to move out of her house, recover from mono, and have knee surgery, but look at her now! All ready to perform extractions and waxes on yo' face!


I've gotta say, like Papa Randilicious, I'm really proud of Chelsea. She really has made something of herself -- and that's more than we can say for some of the other Teen Moms. After being on the show, some of the girls really haven't done much with their lives. Or they have, but it hasn't exactly been ... admirable (looking at you, Farrah). Not mentioning any names here (coughJenellecough), but it seems like all some Teen Moms do is sit around and tweet all day. ("Just got a Diet Coke!" "OMG, I'm soooooo sleepy!!!!") Or, you know, porn.

So good for you, Chelsea! Glad you followed your dream; glad never got side-tracked or drawn into anything unsavory; and glad you are being a positive role model for your sweet girl, Aubree. And Jenelle and Farrah? Wouldn't kill you to take a page out of this book. Just sayin'.

Who's your favorite Teen Mom?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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