Lady Gaga & R. Kelly Pretty Much Had Sex on 'SNL' (VIDEO)

lady gaga r kellyIn case you missed it last night, Saturday Night Live was epic. Lady Gaga hosted SNL and cheerfully owned the whole show while it all look easy and fun.  It's hard to say what her best moment was. Her opening number where she made fun of performers who pander to audiences for "cheap applause" -- "Put your hands together if you want to end childhood obesity!" Or maybe it was that adorable sketch where she plays herself as an aging pop star fading into obscurity, singing her old hits at the piano with her bubble dress in the background.

She also may or may not have had sex with R. Kelly on stage -- it was hard to tell. Um, is it me or is it getting hot in here? I think you need to see this.


Do what U want, you crazy kids. Hey Lorne, can Gaga please host the rest of the SNL season? Please and thank you.

Did you catch Lady Gaga on SNL last night?


Image via NBC

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