Catherine Giudice Reveals Pre-Wedding Workout Secret Every Woman Should Try

catherien and seanCatherine Giudice and Sean Lowe have managed to do something that many Bachelor stars have not -- actually get to the wedding planning stage. Usually the couple splits up within a few weeks or months after the final rose ceremony. But it looks like this pair will actually make it to the altar. That means a lot of planning and a serious diet plan. Sean Lowe gave us a peek at Catherine's a.m. workout in a video he recently uploaded to Instagram. Take a look:


How fun does that look. Love that she has such a light-hearted and enthusiastic attitude about it. If only we all could do that. It would make workouts so much more enjoyable.

Every bride goes through a pre-wedding workout obsession. But it must be especially stressful for Catherine. It's not just the congregation that will have their eyes on her, it's the entire world (or at least the millions of Bachelor fans).

She can't look too big nor too small. She must be perfect. That's a lot of pressure. There have been reports that she is taking her diet a bit too far -- avoiding all her favorite foods and cravings. But it seems that she isn't being overly restrictive all the time. Just this past Halloween, she confessed to eating candy for every meal all day. Plus, she clearly has a good sense of humor about the whole thing. Until the big day, there will be days when she is super strict and others when she cheats. That is the nature of pre-wedding dieting.

Of course, once the big day arrives, I hope she indulges in everything she wants. With ABC likely footing the bill for a big, splashy, televised wedding, I am sure the food and cake will be out of this world. She shouldn't miss out on that.

What was your pre-wedding workout and diet regimen?

Image via ABC

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