'Walking Dead' Sneak Peek: 'Live Bait' Shows the Governor's Disturbing Behavior

Walking Dead Live Bait(Warning: this article contains spoilers for last Sunday's Walking Dead.) This Sunday's Walking Dead episode, titled "Live Bait," not only marks a departure from the naming convention for the prior four episodes ("Infected," "Isolation," "Indifference," and "Internment"), it looks like it's going to give us a peek into the backstory of what happened with the Governor after the season 3 finale.

As we learned at the end of last week, he's back, and while we don't yet know what his intentions are I'm thinking the fact that he's busied himself with standing outside the prison staring holes through the fence means bad things for the survivors on the way. Correction: more bad things.

If you enjoy wild speculation and maddening teases, I've got the episode synopsis, exclusive photos, and a video sneak peek for tomorrow's show.


It's looking like "Live Bait" will be a Governor-centric episode, or at least that's what the released images and video teaser seem to imply. Here's the promo clip that picks up where we left off at the end of season 3, after the Governor gunned down his Woodbury citizen-soldiers:

That's an interesting scene, isn't it? The Governor doesn't even flinch as that walker lurch-crawls towards him, so apparently he's got some internal conflict going on about what happened out on the roadside. Lucky for him he still has his right-hand man Martinez, who's clearly disgusted at his boss's total disregard for his own life.

As for what the Governor was up to in the months before he showed up outside of the prison, that remains to be seen … but check out this episode photo:

What's burning? Did the Governor start that fire, and if so, why? And what's this other image all about?

I mean, obviously it's a bunch of damn zombies, but what are they up to? Is this scene from the past, or is it maybe part of that enormous herd Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob ran into on the way to the veterinary college? And does that "pay pond" sign have anything to do with the "Live Bait" episode title? It makes me think that the Governor's tactic for taking over the prison might be to flush it with zombies first, killing the survivors.

Lastly, here’s the official show description from AMC:

A familiar face returns as each member of the group struggles to find his or her humanity in a world of constant threats.

Humanity on the line yet again! I don't know about you, but even more than getting the scoop on the Governor, I'm looking forward to the moment when Daryl finally learns what happened to Carol.

Are you looking forward to this week's Walking Dead? Have any predictions to share?

Image via FX

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