Jonathan Rhys Meyers Isn't the Only Thing 'Dracula' Has Going for It

jonathan rhys meyers You probably aren't watching NBC's Dracula. But you absolutely should be. It's not your fault. You probably didn't even know it was on the air. That's because NBC has done almost nothing to promote it. I mean, even me, a professional television watcher OBSESSED with both all things vampire-related and also Jonathan Rhys Meyers, didn't even know this show happening until I saw a poster drive by me on the side of a bus. A bus told me about this show, you guys, a bus.

The show has gotten 'meh' reviews, but that's because critics are so done with vampire-based entertainment that they aren't giving it a fair shake. The only real buzz about the series that I've seen has been a rash of recent reports about Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his salary. There are a slew of articles saying that the network wouldn't pay him until shooting was done on the new show because they were worried Meyers' drinking problem would negatively impact the series. 


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I think it's not just bogus that this is all the attention the show is getting, but also totally unfair. It's bogus because Jonathan Rhys Meyers is credited as one of the show's producers. I doubt very much he's being pushed and pulled around like an addled child, whatever the current state of his relationship with alcohol may be. Secondly, if his salary was held until the show was shot, that's not totally unheard of -- back-end payments are a pretty common element in the industry, especially if the party involved really believes in the project and want it to move forward. 

All of this is detracting from the fact that the show is quietly really fun and enjoyable and maybe even good. At the very least the lead himself is mad charismatic. Give Meyers his due, the dude only plays epic characters. The pilot itself was even solid, setting up Meyers' usually-evil villain as a complicated (AND SO SEXY) anti-hero. I can't remember a time where I last cheered for Count Dracula -- but it's totally happening on this show. Even if you aren't a vampire fan by nature, I'd say give it a try. The costumes, relationships, and dialogue might really jive for you Downton Abbey folks -- after all, the same production team is beyond this show! GO WATCH IT! 

Have you watched Dracula or do you have another favorite vampire show?


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