'Glee' Recap: Rachel Berry Makes Ultimate Tribute to Finn

Glee Kurt HummelThe Glee writers really know how to hit us in the feels, don't they? Tonight's episode was playing out as a funny bit of twerking madness -- complete with an epic speech from Sue Sylvester on the nation's most insidious foe, aka Miley Cyrus. And then out of nowhere, they nailed us with another tribute to Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson

Way to send us tearing through another box of tissues! Along with the standard spoiler alert for those of you who haven't hit the DVR yet, let's add a tearjerker alert, m'kay?


As mentioned, it was twerking night on Glee, and the New Directions were getting their twerk on up until the moment when Sue Sylvester decided it was absolutely indecent and banned it with one of the best commentaries yet on Miley and her bouncing butt. The way Sue "sees it," Miley has forced upon this nation:

The genital flapping dance known as twerking that makes men and women alike look like overgrown, constipated toddlers.

Oh Sue, we love you. And we needed that laugh, if only to keep us upright later on when the really hard stuff came out.

Rachel and Kurt, of course, are still living their lives in New York, far away from the Miley madness and trying to cope without Finn. Tonight's big idea was to grab a bottle of Limoncello, take a few shots, and get up the nerve to get tattoos. Only on Glee is lemon-flavored liqueur the drink you hit when you want to get rebellious. 

But hey, it works. Kurt's so drunk that he screws up the wording on his and ends up with "Its get better" on his back while Rachel chickens out ... or so she says.

Because after Kurt goes out and gets the tat fixed, and his tongue pierced to boot, she sneaks into the bathroom to take a look at the one word now inked on her side.


It's lovely and perfect and absolutely heartwrenching. He will be by her side forever now. There will never be a Rachel without Finn. Literally.

Aaaaand I'm going to go off and cry in a corner somewhere.

OK, OK, I'm back. It's good to see that Glee hasn't just up and forgotten Finn (or Cory). It's good for story continuity but also out of respect for his memory. You don't just erase someone you love.

I just can't imagine how hard this is on the actors, especially Lea Michele. It's hard enough for us fans!

Thank goodness there's Sue to give us a reason to laugh. I leave you with her summary on what can happen if we all ban twerking: 

Hannah Montana can go back to naked straddling the three-ton wreckling ball she was clearly upsold at Home Depot as the cinder block room she's trying to demolish is only 12 square feet and already has a wall missing.

What did you think of Rachel's tattoo? Should Glee continue to mention Finn or would it be better to make a clean break and move on?


Image via Mike Yarish/FOX

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