Andy Kaufman's 'Daughter' Fuels Conspiracy Theories With Claim That He's Alive (VIDEO)

Every comedian worth his salt is in love with Andy Kaufman, an actor and performance artist who hit the big time on Saturday Night Live and Taxi before reportedly losing his battle with lung cancer at the young age of 35. And because he was such a comedic hero and genius, it's understandable that people want to preserve his memory in any way they can -- even by sustaining the silly rumor that's been present since his death way back in 1984 that he's still alive and doing just dandy, thank you very much. 

But the latest rumor to swirl around Andy's life and death is even more outlandish than those from the past -- mainly because of who it is that is saying it. 


A 24-year-old woman who claims she is Andy's daughter announced to the crowd at this week's annual Andy Kaufman Awards that her dad is indeed alive and was even planning on attending the ceremony, but backed out at the last minute. She says he is a stay-at-home dad living a quiet life. This falls in line with the story behind most conspiracy theories -- that he wanted to live a quiet life out of the spotlight and retreated to New Mexico to do so. 

What made this announcement even stranger was that Andy's brother Michael shared the stage with the young woman. He more or less encouraged her to share the story, then reminded the crowd that he actually has no idea whether his brother is still alive.

Right. Call me suspicious, but Michael is known as being a bit of a prankster himself, and the woman who claims to be Andy's daughter is also reportedly a stage actress. Combine these two facts together and add to them the need for Michael to keep up interest in the Kaufman comedy festival, and it seems to make perfect sense why they would keep the alive/dead rumor going.

I just don't think it's possible in this day and age to cover up your death for almost 20 years. There are cameras EVERYWHERE. I mean, even tweens have phones with cameras and access to social media sites. Eventually, the man has to enter a grocery store or attend a school function for his "children." Someone is going to notice him, right?

Well, maybe I'm the fool because according to the report and photos you can view in this video, Andy has been spotted and older Andy does look quite a bit like young Andy.

Still, nope. No way. I ain't budging. The man is not alive. 

Do you think Andy Kaufman is still alive? 


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