Hypocritical Kenya Moore Blasts Porsha Stewart for Gay Rumors About Kordell

Kenya MooreYou know who I am very fond of in reality-land right now? Atlanta's Porsha Stewart. Truth? I think she began worming her way into my heart last season the minute she refused to go to Kenya Moore's costume party dressed as Halle Berry from B*A*P*S. Please also know that the day after that particular episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I walked around shaking my head and saying "B*A*P*S?! Really now?!" Over and over again in disbelief. 

When Kenya's bizarre relationship with Walter "Truck Full of Love" Jackson went south, Kenya was the first person to quietly insist that he must be gay for not wanting her. If that weren't offensive enough, Kenya's now playing like that never went down and calling out Porsha for discussing her own doubts about Kordell Stewart's sexuality. Kenya: That is called hypocrisy, weirdo!


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When Kenya ripped into Walter's sexuality, it was petty and offensive. He broke up with her because he wasn't into her, not because he wasn't into women. Walter made no bones about correcting this rumor among their shared circle of friends. He came out looking funny (if a bit dim) and nice -- she came out looking crazy. You'd think that ordeal would have taught her a thing or two. I mean, you would if you were a total naif who expects people to be decent to each other. Here's what Kenya had to say about Kordell:

I find it quite disturbing that Porsha and her family go on and on about the fact that Kordell may be gay. After all, she told the world she had a 'picture perfect life' and married the 'man of her dreams.' Cut to Porsha sitting with the attorney agreeing to take him back if he abided [sic] by a 'list.' Well, a thinking person with a brain would ask the question that if the main problem was that he is possibly gay, why would you want him back? I don’t think Porsha is telling the whole truth. That’s always been my opinion of her and it remains the same after listening to her recall the 'facts' about their marriage.

Uh, don't hold back, Kenya. Here's the fundamental difference between Porsha's situation and Kenya's. Porsha was married to a deeply controlling man. She subverted her identity and bowed to his whims because she thought that's what marriage was. She did this IN SPITE of rumors about his sexuality that OTHER PEOPLE brought to her door. In fact, unlike Kenya, Porsha's even said that Kordell being gay wouldn't have been a marriage-ender for her necessarily. 

Not only is Porsha's situation much more complex than Kenya's, it's also different in one big way. Porsha's not the one who started the rumors about her ex! Any talking she's done about Kordell has been to shoot down gossip that's been brought to her door. This is just one more example of why Kenya has no friends on the show -- she alienates everyone with her hypocritical and ridiculous behavior.

Do you think Kenya was right to call out Porsha about Kordell, or are the two situations way too different to even compare?


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