'Big Tips Texas' Recap: Mimi Goes Ballistic at the 'Redneck' Pool Party

big tips texasBig Tips Texas is bringing back the minnows. It is too early for a show to be callin' back to one of its strongest moments. It is also hilarious that I'm calling a girl chugging a live fish a "strong moment" of television. When the girls weren't giggling and dropping fish down each other's drawers at the farm where they harvest their soon-to-be-chugged gill-havers, they were getting into fisticuffs! That's right -- oh the drama.

If you thought they had settled things last week at their "come to Jesus" camping trip, you've got another thing coming. Your are also exceptionally naive and I am fond of you for it. Additionally, any camping trip that ends with a scorpion invasion should just be written off, can we agree? I mean, even if you don't get stung, your entire evening is riddled with bad omens, ya dig? 


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The girls didn't dig. They thought everything was peaches and cream. They were taught otherwise when sassy Miss Mimi returned and proved all was not well in the Blue Bonnet state. The trouble this week all came courtesy of Mimi. I do not understand how someone who you could hide in your carry-on luggage could wreak such havoc. The girls have decided that Mimi's attitude is monstrously bad. The girls are not wrong on this front. Mimi is snide, bitter, and not very good at her job. She also calls the bar "hers." She's feeling proprietary after, what, two days? Even I got sniffy at that. It's more my bar than it is her, and trust me kids, no one wants to see me fannying around in short-shorts.

The general feelings of resentment toward Mimi weren't well articulated because these are emotionally stunted 'mean girl' types. Instead of saying, "Look, let's work this out so we can all still be employed and happy," the girls instead decide to deride her for "not apologizing" at the camp-out whenever everyone else apologized to her. To be fair, Mimi didn't have to apologize. She was the one being persecuted! But now she is being queen of all farts, thus undermining any validity her argument may have had.

Sabrina doesn't take kindly to this. Girl's got a lot of her plate. She really, really, really wants to go to college and is in the bizarre position of having parents who aren't encouraging her to get her degree. That's because she's essentially their main provider and her being in school means less cheddar for them. It was all very bleak and made me want to hug my parents. Her parents want her to continue working at the bar where she is tipped for displaying ass-cheek. Pretty disgusting, and pretty awful for Sabrina.

Because she hasn't been to school yet, she doesn't know that taking her anger and sadness towards her parents and then getting into a fist-fight with Mimi at Typhani's pool party is a classic example of projection. Typhani needs to stop hosting events. There was a goat (named Penelope) at this one and it could have been harmed when the broads got to brawling. Additionally, can we address the fact that some of the girls were inexplicably (and offensively) dressed as Native Americans? It made me deeply uncomfortable.

Was Sabrina in the right or are you team Mimi?


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