'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki And JWOWW Make Atlantic City Seem Lame (VIDEO)

There's a big problem when your average Tuesday night is more exciting than Snooki and JWOWW's girls' trip to Atlantic City. This episode had promise. We were supposed to see the girls let loose and get Jersey Shore-style crazy while their men stayed home to watch little Lorenzo (Jionni) or tend to their biceps and escape their fiance's always-present pout (Roger). I was looking forward to girl gossip! Hearing Snooki's deepest mom confessions and watching JWOWW break down and admit she wanted a baby right now! 

Instead we got poop talk. 


At the start of the episode we learn that Snooki and JWOWW have planned a girls-only overnight jaunt to Atlantic City. Jionni is completely cool with it. To his credit, he looks like such a natural dad with Lorenzo that we wonder how the show's producers will manage to make Roger and him have zany Three Men and a Baby-type experiences while their women are away -- because, really, what else are they going to do with these guys?

But there's no time to worry about all that because Snooki has poop problems. In case you fell asleep for 10 minutes and missed it, she has equated her diarrhea with either pregnancy or the end of the world. She actually makes poor JWOWW check her striped pants for signs of stains while they're in their posh AC hotel room. She speaks so much about it that you can totally picture JWOWW going home to Roger the next day and confessing that she's outgrown her old friend. 

One thing they've both outgrown is drinking. They are really freaking bad at it now -- something I'm sure we should be applauding Snooki for since she's a mom and all. But, in their case, sobriety makes for boring TV and even hanging out with drag queens at a gay club in Atlantic City can't make up for that fact. The girls just kind of stumble all over, fall asleep in booths, trip their way upstairs and hug for a bit on the floor, then fall asleep snuggling a yellow wet floor sign that JWOWW pilfered from the lobby. A total snoozefest.

Back at home, Jionni calls his mom to come over and babysit so he and Roger can have a guys' day out, which is adorable. They're all pumped up to play paintball but have obviously forgotten that paintball gets lame fast because Jionni then decides he needs to spice things up by telling Snooki and JWOWW when they call that they've been home with the baby all along. Scandalous. Snooki tries to feign anger when she arrives home to find Jionni has lied, but you know, they're out playing paintball, so how mad can you really get?

And that, in a nutshell, is the problem with season 3 so far. So much seems forced. Next week the girls go shopping for bridal gowns, which I hope will give us more insight into their (particularly JWOWW's) feelings about marriage. Something's got to give with this show!

Here's a peek at this week's episode: 

MTV - Sneak Peek: Night Out - Snooki & JWoww (Video Clip) | MTV

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