Catherine Giudici's Wedding Gown Style Is NOT What We Expected

Sean Lowe Catherine Giudici

Do you remember when Catherine Giudici posted a wedding dress photo a couple of weeks ago, leaving us to wonder whether or not she'd shared a shot of the actual gown she plans on wearing to marry Sean Lowe?

Well, considering she just posted another picture of another white dress to Instagram -- along with another tiny little black heart like she did in the first photo -- it's probably safe to assume neither one of these babies is the dress she said yes to. (If she's even picked one out at this point.)

But one thing's for sure -- Catherine is obviously leaning toward a certain style for her nuptials, which is nothing like what you'd expect for a live TV wedding.


The dress she showed off yesterday is a Max Mara gown worn by Jennifer Garner. It's very chic, elegant, and so much simpler than most traditional wedding gowns.

And in case you can't recall, here's a shot of the J. Mendel dress she posted back on October 28.

wedding dress

Cute -- but kinda on the casual side, don't you think? Ok, so it's not casual for a beach or backyard wedding -- but a nationally televised ceremony? Aren't you expecting something a bit more embellished and over-the-top?

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Based on these two pics, it's clear that Catherine is looking for a traditional gown in the sense that she doesn't want ruffles, beading, or any sort of big fuss. But at the same time, it appears as though she wants something with a modern twist -- like a dress that's stunning without being overly formal.

Ugh. I wish she'd quit teasing us with these photos and just leave us in suspense until her big day. Whatever dress she chooses is bound to be gorgeous -- and I'm sure we'll all be going ga-ga over it. 

And you know Sean will probably break down in tears when he catches his first glimpse of her coming down the aisle. Seems appropriate for him, somehow.

What style was your wedding dress?


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