'Teen Mom' Chelsea Houska Is Following in Farrah Abraham's Footsteps

Chelsea HouskaTeen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska has signed with new management. Good for her! Er, we hope anyway. The thing is, our favorite cosmetologist has officially inked a deal with none other than Howie Wood Entertainment, a management team that once represented Farrah Abraham!

Farrah Abraham as in fellow Teen Mom star and maker of some colossally bad decisions over the past year or so. Heaven help us!


Chelsea is one of the few stars of Teen Mom who has lived a life that's more or less scandal-LESS, and we love her all the more for living a sex-tape-free existence (hey, as far as we know). Seeing her follow in Farrah's footsteps -- even if it is just by signing with the same management team -- is enough to give us agita.

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The good news is the Howie Wood team only represented Farrah once. Despite rumors to the contrary, Wood himself told The Stir:

The fact is I have only booked Farrah for one club appearance and have never been her manager or provided my company or services to her further, I would not be interested.

She was represented by Gina Rodriguez -- who is rumored to be suing Farrah, b-t-dubs -- during the whole sex tape debacle.

And if Wood isn't interested in repping Farrah again, hopefully that means he knows better than to let his clients follow her lead. Here's hoping Chelsea is in good hands!

What would you like to see Chelsea doing now that she's got big management?


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