'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Khloe Makes a Big Decision About Her Marriage

khloe kardashian Ah, to be a pig in the walls of the manse Kardashian. This is now a very real possibility for some porcine contingent out there, since a pet pig was put in Kris Jenner's initially unwilling arms this week. I like this new thing that Keeping Up With the Kardashians is doing. Hamlet had the gravedigger's scene for comedic relief, the Kardashians have Kris Jenner and her perimenopausal shenanigans. 

But all was not all laughs and accusations of teenage hoarding -- there was drama afoot. Rob Kardashian has set out to battle his non-specific demons in earnest. This means a move out of Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's house. Speaking of K to L -- tensions have risen in their household and Khloe has to make a serious decision. HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY KYLIE JENNER. 


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Before she wormed her way back into our hearts, Kris Jenner royally messed up big time. That was because she decided her soon-to-be 16-year-old daughter Kylie was a hoarder, and the only way to cure her hoarding was to throw away all her things. Kim Kardashian backed her up in this, standing behind her mom ominously muttering about 'ranch salad dressing' bottles. "Don't you know the Throbtronians will tackle us over ANY potential weakness, Kylie? Don't you know that?" But Kylie just wailed, "I hate you -- AND THROBTRON." Kim shook her head, "Only one of those hates is well-founded." Kris Jenner smoothed everything over and was eventually dissuaded from stealing a pig Kendall Jenner had been assigned the task of minding for the weekend. You know, as often occurs in life.

The men of this episode experienced great hardships. Not only did Rob Kardashian have to tell Khloe he was moving out of her, essentially toxic, home, he also had to listen to Brody Jenner inspire him to get fit by graphically dishing about ass-smacking. Scott Disick (who really hasn't been at all bad lately) got verbally harassed by some teens in a bathroom at Kylie's birthday and seemed very sad about it -- and rightly so! Finally, it looks like the show did some re-shoots to address Lamar going off the rails. He's so bad that Khloe at the episode's end finally admitted she's got to involve her family. I can't tell if I applaud the family for navigating the scandal this way or if it hearkens back to the Victorian era only with less propriety and more sex tapes.

Do you think they added the stuff about Khloe going to talk to her family once the scandal broke?


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