'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kandi Burruss' Mom Throws Some Major Truth Bombs

nene leakes I gotta admit, I have completely missed the beefing that comes with the territory on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I also have missed chances to post GIFs of NeNe Leakes. I am starting to think that everybody's favorite HBIC knows how GIFable she is -- because this week's episode was the gift that kept on giffing (GET IT?). It offered some great NeNe reaction shots and so much beef that my lower intestines will be blocked for weeks. Because red meat does not go gentle into that dark colon.

NeNe, as she is wont to do, decided to bring all the girls together to try and deal with this whole Kenya Moore issue. I mean, one of the many Kenya issues. NeNe having sense brought her in to discuss one of the juicier issues as opposed to, say, dealing with her eviction -- let the courts deal with that noise. No no, today was all about Kenya texting Apollo Nida.


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Good news everyone! Looks like Kenya is going to live to piss us off for another day -- as a free woman. She won her battle against her former landlord. Awesome, now we can all sleep at night -- except for me because of soul-crushing anxiety attacks, whee! In other beautiful-people-with-problems news, Cynthia Bailey had to go to the doctor because her tum bloating was causing people to start preggo rumors about her. Bet those people feel like assbuckets now, because Cynthia has uterine fibroids. WAY TO BE TERRIBLE, EVERYONE.

Can I just say that getting on Phaedra Parks' bad side seems like a wretched idea? With her hats and her funeral parlor and her breasts, the woman brings it. I was so glad NeNe cut the season's main conflict down to size in episode 2. Kenya and Phaedra kind of agreed to move forward -- but Phaedra is still holding on to the whole Kenya-Said-My-Husband-and-I-Have-AIDS thing. Gross. Don't diss someone by waging AIDS as a terror campaign -- that's tacky and small-minded, boo.

The last scene of the episode was the greatest -- by which I mean the most intensely awkward. Kandi Burrus' mom has issued her verdict on Kandi's fiance Todd, and the verdict is a loud and resounding 'no.' Although she seemed to like the guy well enough, now that Kandi and her dude are getting married, she's doing what she always does -- saying he's just using Kandi. Her mom was so screamy and mean that the end result was Kandi in tears. If you ask me, her mom's motives might be more than a tad selfish. If Kandi marries Todd, it could be the handouts for mama (like a big ol' house) could end. Whatever her motives, claiming Kandi's daughter doesn't like Todd was a low blow. 

Do you think Kandi's mom's intentions were sincere or selfish?


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