'Teen Mom' Star's Husband May Have Gotten Another Girl Pregnant

Jenelle Evans Courtland RogersGrab your calculators, ladies and gents, it's time to do a little adding and subtracting. See, Taylor Lewis has announced she's pregnant! Not familiar with that one? She's the ex-girlfriend of one Courtland Rogers, you know ... Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' husband!

Could it be Courtland has gotten another girl pregnant while still married to Jenelle? Rumor has it Jenelle is going to be a stepmother again!


Jenelle and Taylor, who is the mother of Courtland's daughter Jordan, have enjoyed an on-again/off-again friendship since Jenelle officially filed for divorce. The off-again part came when Taylor and Courtland got back together earlier this year. In fact, they were together right up until late August.

So. They broke up at the end of August. She's announcing her pregnancy in early November. Taylor hasn't actually named a dad, but the timing is right, folks! 

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Courtland hasn't weighed in either -- he surrendered himself last month to a nine-month stint in jail, so his Twitter is quiet (for once). As for Jenelle, although she and Taylor seemed to patch things up after the couple split at the end of the summer, apparently Taylor's back on her bad side with this announcement. As she said on -- where else -- Twitter:

Ahem, didn't Jenelle learn the one about pots and kettles?

What are your thoughts on this whole tangled web? Could Jenelle be a stepmom again?


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