Farrah Abraham Is Latest to Hop on the Pixie Haircut Bandwagon

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham is a veritable chameleon when it comes to her appearance. That's right. Farrah Abraham has developed the technology to change the color of her own skin. Upon learning of this shocking breakthrough, reporters quoted her as screaming, "I HAVE THE POWER" from atop a rocky mountain crag while lightning danced around her in the night sky.

Actually all that happened is not so long after popping out her chin implant and getting some lip injectionsFarrah discussed maybe cutting off all her hair. It was at this point I began glaring at my screen while punching my fist. Because this time? This time it's personal, Abraham.


Salient and well-versed in the changing dynamics of modern hair and its styling, Farrah recently mused about the 'trend' of women cutting their hair into pixie cuts. I too have noticed this, primarily because I am a pixie cut haver. That said, I resented Jennifer Lawrence's chop being called a pixie, because it is not one. It is a Gosselin. Pam Anderson's cut? Pixie. That is all. As fun as it is to find that Farrah Abraham has been sitting around thinking about the same stuff that I've been thinking about (kill me people oh someone make this all stop), my joy turned to fury when I learned Farrah herself is thinking about a big haircut.

Thankfully, her musings seemed to be deliberately designed to evoke a response. And it worked! Because here I am writing about it and her. She is a genius, the Throbtronians should recruit her. Clearly Farrah has no intention of going the full pixie. You can tell she has a lot of hair pride. I only have, like, 12 percent of an idea what I meant by that. Whatever, yolo, etc. Maybe I'm wrong and she does plan on doing it and all my 'whatever'-ing is denial because I am so fiercely protective of my own personal style. By that token, if Farrah Abraham gets a pixie cut, I am growing mine out.

Do you think Farrah's getting a pixie cut or that she's all talk?


Image via Instagram

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