'Glee' Star Reveals How Cast Honors Cory Monteith as Filming Continues

GleeFinally, Glee returns this Thursday after what feels like forever. We teared up with the McKinley crew during the Cory Monteith tribute episode, and now the cast is back together filming. Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester on the hit show, recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about all things Glee and spilled on how things have been without Monteith there. To be real, it sounds like things are finally moving on swiftly without Cory.

"We're at a new normal," Lynch said. "It's like how anyone deals with grief. You weave that into the fabric of your life, and you weave it into your experience, and so he will always be there."

Well said, Jane. And just you wait 'til you hear how they honor Monteith on set every day ...


Lynch tells Entertainment Weekly that Cory's face is on a plaque in the choir room on set and that they all look at it each day. Awww, isn't that sweet? It's a cute reminder of their close friend, and a great way to remember his legacy day-in and day-out.

Sure, things will never be the same on Glee now that Cory's gone -- but just as Lynch said, the show must go on. Well, at least until the series is set to end after season 6. Then there's always Lea Michele's spinoff!

Are you surprised to hear about the vibe on set?


Image via FOX

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