'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Could Be About to Make a Major Beauty Mistake

maci bookout ryan edwardsTeen Mom star Maci Bookout has been looking lovely, pulled together, and downright glam lately, but she may be thinking of switching up her style in a major way. The reality star tweeted to followers yesterday, "to get my sleeve or not... that is the question #everyday."

Ooh, looks like she's really on the fence about inking her arm! And while most of the replies were in the form of a thumbs-up, I'm guessing at least one VIP in her life isn't such a big fan of the idea: Her mom, Sharon.


Replying to her daughter's social media musing, Sharon (who goes by @bookbe on Twitter) wrote, "Remember our conversation?" Hmm! Wonder what the two talked about?! I could be wrong, but I would guess that her mother is discouraging her from going for it. And maybe she is right to.

The biggest red flag I see here is that Maci's clearly not sure. As she should know, being that she already has bunches of tattoos, getting inked is a major commitment. Especially when it comes to a very visible piece like a sleeve. Sure, there's always laser removal, but who would want to have to endure that? Eek! Getting a sleeve seems sort of like marriage: You don't do it until you're really, truly ready ... well, as ready as you'll ever be. And right now, it doesn't sound like Maci is.

Hopefully, Maci and her mom discussed something along those lines during the convo Sharon's referencing. If not, fingers crossed she ends up doing what feels right in her heart -- and for the long-haul! 

Do you agree -- should Maci wait to get her sleeve until she's absolutely sure?


Image via Maci Bookout/Instagram

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