'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Learns That All Babysitters Are Crazy

Yay, this week we finally got more Snooki! The girl is finally out of Jionni's mother's house, seems to be quite happy in her new Jersey Shore home, and is even branching out into the community and joining mommy and me swim class so that little Lorenzo, who is a daddy's boy all the way, will start to love her as much she loves him (her words, not mine). What mom can't empathize?

And then the mother of all mommy problems pops up -- who the heck is she going to trust to babysit her little peanut now that Jionni's mom is no longer available 24/7? The girl is dying for a date night or, this being the Snooki & JWOWW show, at the very least, a double date with JWOWW and Roger. But will anyone be able to fill Jionni's mom's shoes? 


The short answer is umm, no. With JWOWW tagging along for moral support, the duo meet potential babysitters at a nearby eatery. First up: a purple-haired senior citizen who was raised in a funeral home. In case you were wondering, yes, she would change Lorenzo's diaper before her own -- not that you were wondering. Next is Joey. Snooki remarks that he looks stoned and he insists he's not but adds, "I wish I was though." Awesome. He'll be happy he said that in about six months when he graduates school and starts interviewing for jobs.

JoAnne looks totally normal, but because she's wearing an animal print top, Snooki suspects she's a cougar who may try to get with Jionni behind her back, so she's given the boot. Finally, FINALLY Madison walks in. The girl has Kate Middleton hair, doesn't go clubbing, watches her siblings -- or something like that -- and helps set up children's birthday parties at work. A mom's dream, if you can overlook the lack of real babysitting experience. Snooki hires her on the spot, which is a good thing because JWOWW has already planned a surprise outing for them in, like, 10 minutes. 

The four amigos drive down to a haunted house to tour its grounds, but since they don't stay overnight or anything ... you know, yawn. At least it seems like JWOWW and Roger are enjoying each other's company again after a few weeks of tension, but I don't think this was the date Snooki wanted to waste on a new babysitter.  

If next week's previews are to be believed, Snooki will soon be utilizing her new sitter's services to frequent a more familiar stomping ground -- think less haunted house and more vodka and house music. I, for one, am ready to see a bit of the old Snooki and JWOWW resurface. Minus the black-out drunk episodes, of course. Snooki is a good mommy, after all. 

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